Spa Flush: What, Why & When?

As with anything that is used on a regular basis, spas require specific maintenance. If you are a new spa owner, weather its brand new from the factory, or it’s a used spa, or your just having a hard time keeping your water balanced or clean, it is time for a spa flush.
Depending on conditions of the spa and the water, there are three different types of flushes that can be done.

System Purge
If it’s a new spa, either brand new or just new to you, or if it’s never been done before, it is highly recommended you do a system purge. As system purge is normally a 5-7 day procedure. We have designed a specific combination of chemicals in which we can guarantee that your hot tub water will be fresh, clean, healthy and ready for use after this process, no matter the condition of the spa water before we start. We have preformed this procedure many times, on tubs that have been sitting for as long as 5 years with stagnant water, in which, after a week, the spa was clean and ready for use.

Standard Flush
If you have been keeping up on your chemicals and keeping the water sanitized and balanced, you can likely get by with a standard flush. If you are just starting to notice a scum line (known as biofilm) at the waterline, foamy water, or it has become difficult to keep the water balanced, you should have a standard flush preformed. This normally is done in 2-3 days. This is the most common flush, industry wide.

Water Change
If your hot tub has been on a specific regimen consisting of enzyme, stain & scale preventer, chemicals tested a minimum of once a week, balanced as needed, and a sanitizer is being used, you may be able to do a water change. We do this on our regular weekly customers because we know everything as been being properly maintained and a proper chemical regimen is being used.
It is recommended you either deep clean or buy new filters at the time of the flush.

The industry standard for preforming a spa flush is 3 months. Our recommended time between flushes changes depending on size of spa and daily bather load. Follow this simple equation to find our recommended time between each flush: (spa capacity in gallons÷3)÷daily bather load. Example: you own a spa that holds 500 gallons and 2 people use it everyday. Equation: (500÷3)÷2 → 166.66÷2=83.33; meaning your water needs to be changed every 83 days.
Think of a spa flush like a oil change in your vehicle. Its always best to be proactive and follow the recommendations. By the time you notice the symptoms, its likely too late Which could mean you may need a system purge vs a standard flush, costing you much more money, and putting our spa out of use for up to a week.

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