Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

You need to replace because:
The liner is leaking, worn, ripped, faded, pattern and color are outdated.

Clearene Pool and Spa Services features the following manufactures liners:
Merlin Latham Tara GLI

Pick a pattern that you like, physical samples allow you to feel textured patterns, and we can bring samples when we do the proposal review.

Measuring a Pool Liner:
We measure for every liner we install; the pool should not be drained but will need to be clean and clear. Having experienced technician measure for the liner, can help to prevent future problems.

Installing your liner:
Keep water level up if water has not already drained out. We will pump out water 1-2 days before we do the install. If there are any drainage concerns please let us know ahead of time, we look for the least intrusive drainage site, preferable the storm drain in the street. Our proposal includes wall foam, we add if none exists, or replace as needed if wall foam is present. We pressure test the lines prior to installing the new liner. (any failure will be reported as soon as possible)

Inspecting the pool floor is a critical step in the liner replacement process; we encourage homeowners to be present to look at the condition of the pool floor whenever possible. We do provide pictures, and/or videos of what we find once the liner has been removed. Our proposals include basic floor repair (2 40# bags of sand, 1 40# bag of poolkrete, or 1 40# bag of concrete.), and floor prep, re trowel sand, or sweep vermiculite and concrete floors)
Our proposal includes replacement of all white goods, gaskets, and screws. White goods are the plastic parts inside your pool, including a ANSI approved main drain cover.

You may see liner vacuums taped in and running after the first day of installation. We use liner vacuums to fit the liner in place while we start the filling process. Do not remove or unplug. Filling and finishing the liner replacement may bridge a couple of days. The installation technicians will discuss the process for your liner once we have the liner removed.

We include 3 bottles of sequestering agent during the filling process, to help with metals in the water once the pool is started up. Trucked in water is an option for an additional cost.

Q. How long will it take or when will it be done?
A. Once we have the down payment, it’s about 3 week, to get the new liner in and have your pool full of water. We watch the weather and adjust installation so we are not in a heavy rain while the liner is removed.
Down Payment – Pick your Pattern – We Measure – We Order – Liner is Manufactured – Liner Is Shipped –– Liner is In Town – We schedule Install – Drain – Remove – Pressure Test – Inspect Pool Floor – Install – Start Filling – Cut in Skimmers and Returns – Pool fills – Project Complete

Q. Is thicker pool liner material better (I’ve heard of 20mil and 27mil)?
A. Only if you have unusual activities happening in your pool such as large dogs that might claw at the sides of the swimming pool, or heavy activity over and beyond normal swimming and playing activity. You will pay more for the thicker vinyl pool liner material and receive the same warranty as the standard 20mil material. Some patterns are only available in the thicker material so it might be worth the extra cost for this reason.

Q. Will the pattern I choose look good?
A. Liner Patterns are designed by the manufacture, a design team ensures that all the patterns look good. It comes down to your personal preference.

Q. I’m losing water, how do I know if it’s my liner or not?
A. Old liners can develop pinhole leaks, leak detection can identify leaks and when possible patch a hole. When multiple pin hole leaks are present it’s time to replace your liner.