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Help! Why is my spa water green?

You’ve just purchased and installed a spa for your home. It’s time to relax and help you slow down a bit, get away from the chaotic busyness. It’s your favorite new toy – you’re finding it really is helping to relieve the stress. You’re getting ready to take a dip, and find an unpleasant surprise! […]

Spa Flush: What, Why & When?

As with anything that is used on a regular basis, spas require specific maintenance. If you are a new spa owner, weather its brand new from the factory, or it’s a used spa, or your just having a hard time keeping your water balanced or clean, it is time for a spa flush. Depending on […]

Water Sanitization Basics – Chlorine

Water Sanitization Basics – Chlorine The number one concern many pool owners and pool professionals face is proper sanitization. Unsanatized water can lead to cloudy, dull water, algae bloom, or even worse, disease causing water. In order to keep your water sparkling, crystal clear and healthy for all users, maintaining proper sanitizer levels is very […]